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About us

Come to Almagro and learn Spanish in one of most beautiful and well-preserved towns in Spain. We offer customized immersion Spanish programs  and a wide range of cultural activities, immersing you fully in the local culture allowing you to make the most of your stay and studies.

We are aware of the overwhelming process involved in learning a new language therefore, our goal is for students to improve all their communication skills, gain a better insight into Spanish culture, and as a result feel comfortable when using Spanish in real life situations.

We are convinced of the fact that learning a language is a great journey so we all learn “en Ruta” (on the go). So here is our “Ruta” towards the Spanish language and its particular nature as well as the Spanish way of life, culture and entertainment.

Our lessons We put all our effort, knowledge, and experience into making them dynamic and fun.  Grammar explanations are strongly supported by a wide variety of activities.  For more than 80% of the lesson time students will carry out activities involving the use of all the communication skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing, giving special attention to oral practice.

The classes are customized and the groups small, allowing each them the chance to participate actively during the lessons.

Our methodology:  We follow the European Common Framework of Language and the communicative approach.  However, our teaching philosophy involves flexibility and adaptability to the necessities and requirements of our students.

We provide all the materials needed to achieve our learning targets, though we recommend you bring your own dictionary, pencil, notebook and a good deal of motivation!

Almagro is a town steeped in history so, in addition to the classes, and in order to put into real practice what you have learned, we offer you activities such as guided visits around town, a trip to the Route of Castles and a night at the theater where you will enjoy a classic piece from the Spanish Golden Century.

If you prefer Nature, we also offer you hikes into the National Park of Las Tablas de Daimiel amongst other places, as well as visits to the great vineyards located near the town.  Of course, we also have typical tours such as the fabulous gastronomic one -perfect for foodies!

You are welcome to visit for more complete information on the region, activities and tours.

Thank you for choosing us to accompany you on your route to Spanish.

Let’s go!

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A new way of teaching

En Ruta, a beautiful language experience

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is María, I love to teach Spanish, learn languages and travel. I was born in Madrid but I grew up in Almagro and I lived here until I moved back to Madrid to study at the Universidad Complutense, and so I have a degree in Political Science. After that, I lived one year in Oslo to do post-graduated courses in the same field to improve my English and once I was there I took some Norwegian courses. Some years later, I obtained a Masters in Marketing and had different jobs from which I learned a lot, but none filled me with passion. In 2009 I did my Masters in Teaching Spanish and English as foreign/second languages at the University of Alicante, where I lived many years. I did it motivated for the English language but after few weeks, I realized I was discovering a real passion for languages, especially with Spanish (which I had never thought of before). Since then, I haven’t stopped diving into my own mother tongue and discovering new facets of it. I have been lucky enough to develop my work in prestigious schools like Intercultura Language School in Costa Rica and Escuela YA hablas idiomas in Alicante, allowing me to have a great experience and background in teaching and dealing with students from all over the world. During these years when I had the incredible chance to live in my beloved Sámara In Costa Rica, I studied a little bit of Italian and also ticked off one item of my bucket list: To learn Swedish, what I did thanks to my dear friend and teacher Anna Ejve. Twenty years later, I am back in Almagro and Español en Ruta is my challenge.

Español en Ruta is a new form of teaching Spanish. It is the way in which we involve everything that surrounds us into the learning process making it unique, practical, useful, very fun and really interesting. It is another way of travelling. Travelling through many routes we will make your journey in Spain become a beautiful language experience, and that is simply a wonderful life experience.

Our language is our link, we are connected through it and thanks to it we laugh, feel good, comfortable, satisfied, happy… our language creates emotions and moments that shape our lives, and some of those moments you will never forget. That is our aim and we have the tools to help you open the doors to a whole new world, a great one.

En Ruta doesn’t have classrooms in the traditional way, instead we have learning environments, we use special locations in your lodging, maybe a salon, a cave or a nice spot in the garden, and fit it conveniently to the teaching and learning necessities of the class and we take advantage of the place where we are to create a motivating environment to start telling a story or maybe a personal experience, review idioms, sing a song… in Spanish, of course.

Real practice is guaranteed. We acknowledge the great place where we are located and again we take advantage of it and enjoy it for our purposes. Every week we will carry out learning outdoors; our learning location will be displaced to a public space and there, in a full immersion context (the sound of the TV in the backgrounds, two men talking about politics, someone that interrupts the place laughing at something…), you will put in practice real conversation interacting with local people.

Homework in action; The best way of doing your homework is putting them into real practice. Almagro offers you a great range of “rutas” to keep improving your language skills; you can enjoy activities, theaters, castles, city tours, tapas y vinos, typical celebrations etc. Take a look here: to see all the activities from which you can choose. During lessons, we will discuss the rutas that you have enjoyed and thus reinforce the language skills which we are working in.

Travelling is as a means to discover and broaden your world with our deep philosophy; To study a new language is a journey itself, a journey into a whole new world, and we want to accompany you.

…… Shall we set off?

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Our Courses

Spanish Courses

General information

Lessons are taught in Spanish since it is the target language and therefore we will be speaking in Spanish during lessons and for most of the time. Nevertheless, we understand that all this is about communication and that’s why we are happy to let you know that En Ruta has professionals that are fluent in English, Swedish, French, Italian and German.

Standard intensive courses start every Monday.

Before you start the course, we will assess your level in order to place you in the right group.

We provide all the materials.

Please contact us to know about our prices

We do not charge any registration fee.

Contact us: ,

We also offer skype lessons

Write us an email and let’s start planning your Ruta towards Spanish

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Activities and tours

Things to do in Almagro while studying

Our goal is that you learn as much as possible while you enjoy your time in Almagro.

You have probably heard that the best way to learn a language is travelling to the country where people speak it and using it once you are there. Well, these two statements are right and that’s why, now that you are in Almagro and are fulfilling one of them, we want to offer you many different activities, as we are convinced that through them you will get to know lots of interesting things and you will put into real practice what you have learned in the classroom.

You can decide how many of them you want to take, that is up to you, but we encourage you to make the most of it and take the chance to speed up your learning process, so do not hesitate and during the activities ask questions, comment with others and listen very carefully to what others are saying. The first few days might be difficult to follow and understand everything but you will see that by the end of the week you will convey concepts using new words and expressions in a more accurate way, making you feel much more comfortable when using Spanish.

Discover much more about​ Almagro, its people and all what it offers you in:

Here we have listed, in general categories, some of the activities you can do to complete your learning process.

Routes: guided visits around town, gastronomic (caña y tapa) tours, Castle route…

Theater: Enjoy a theater piece from the Spanish Golden Century in the Corral de Comedias de Almagro, which is the only one left from the 17th Century in the whole of Europe. You can´t miss it!

Workshop: Astronomy, cooking, and others…

Nature: National Parks, vineyards, volcanos…

Do not hesitate contact us and book your tickets!!

We will be delighted to help you

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Learning environments

Thanks to the great collaboration between Español en Ruta and the well-known high-quality accommodation providers in Almagro we will together carry out our Spanish lessons in some beautiful places and historical locations as our learning environments all conveniently prepared for our education purposes.

Welcome to Almagro.

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