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Allow me to introduce myself: my name is María, I love to teach Spanish, learn languages and travel.

I was born in Madrid but I grew up in Almagro and I lived here until I moved back to Madrid to study at the Universidad Complutense, and so I have a degree in Political Science. After that, I lived one year in Oslo to do post-graduated courses in the same field to improve my English and once I was there I took some Norwegian courses. Some years later, I obtained a Masters in Marketing and had different jobs from which I learned a lot, but none filled me with passion. In 2009 I did my Masters in Teaching Spanish and English as foreign/second languages at the University of Alicante, where I lived many years. I did it motivated for the English language but after few weeks, I realized I was discovering a real passion for languages, especially with Spanish (which I had never thought of before). Since then, I haven’t stopped diving into my own mother tongue and discovering new facets of it. I have been lucky enough to develop my work in prestigious schools like Intercultura Language School in Costa Rica and Escuela YA hablas idiomas in Alicante, allowing me to have a great experience and background in teaching and dealing with students from all over the world. During these years when I had the incredible chance to live in my beloved Sámara In Costa Rica, I studied a little bit of Italian and also ticked off one item of my bucket list: To learn Swedish, what I did thanks to my dear friend and teacher Anna Ejve.

Twenty years later, I am back in Almagro and Español en Ruta is my challenge.

Español en Ruta is my dream and I understand it as the way of teaching Spanish in which everything that surrounds us is involved in the learning process making it unique, practical, useful, very fun and really interesting. It is, in my mind, another way of travelling, because it will be through many routes that we will make this journey in Spain become a beautiful language experience, and that is simply a wonderful life experience.

We are connected through the language we speak, it is our link and thanks to it we laugh, feel, expect, suffer, learn, love, know… our language creates emotions and moments that shape our lives, and some of those moments  will never be forgetten. When you speak a foreign language, a whole new world of feelings and experiences appears in front of you and here you will find  the tools and knowledge necessary to open its doors. Once I read that being able to speak more than one language is a superpower. I do believe it. It is just amazing to have the power to understand  those whom you are not supposed to get a word from.

Thank you to let us be part of your journey, and special thanks to all who made possible Español En Ruta, specially to David Quintela,for this wonderful website;Laura Ellington, for encouraging me, supporting, correcting and helping with everything, Ángel Mata who created the logo, Irene Fernandez, from Ruta Almagro, great friend and collegue; Vivi Vextermöller, for your fantastic ideas like always; Patxi Moreno and África because next to you two, everything became magic. Gracias a todos y a muchos más.

Empieza la aventura.